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Dr. Zuback

Dr. Zuback appreciates the importance of staying current with research in order to optimize patient care and recovery. Her previous experience as a professional athlete has allowed her to understand the mind and dedication of an athlete, as well as the frustrations that come with injuries and setbacks.

She stresses the importance of goal setting with all her patients, whether they are training for sport or training for life. In Dr. Zuback’s opinion, it doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 75, movement is medicine. She will not only work with you, but collaborate with your other healthcare providers to give you the level of care you deserve.

In addition to completing a rigorous degree in chiropractic medicine, Dr. Zuback is always enhancing her education with continuing education courses. She is a Shift Concussion Management Level One Provider and has a passion for treating both acute and chronic concussion related symptoms. Athletes and sports injuries are of special interest. She is also certified in Functional Integrated Acupuncture and is trained in treating patients suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis through the University of Melbourne’s PEAK Program.

She is also a Mental Performance Mastery certified coach through #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach and Consultant Brian Cain. Dr. Zuback is also a member of the Evidence Based Chiropractic Network.

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Learn more about Dr. Zuback’s story

Dr. Zuback was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario where she excelled in both school and sport. An alumnae of the national championship winning Thunder Bay Queens hockey program, she competed at both the provincial and national levels. Dr. Zuback graduated in 2015 from the University of Vermont with a bachelor of science in exercise and movement science where she played four years of ice hockey. After undergrad she attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College to obtain her doctor of chiropractic while playing professional women’s hockey for the Toronto Furies in the CWHL.

In her spare time Dr. Zuback enjoys playing hockey, golf, staying active and enjoying the great outdoors. She prides herself on staying up to date with research as well as treating through an evidence based approach focused on patient centred care.

“She is extremely personable and does what she can to fully understand my aches and pains. She doesn’t just help alleviate my pain, she teaches me how to help prevent it.”

Understand Dr. Zuback’s chiropractic and rehab philosophy

Over the past decades, governments, society and patients have an increasing expectation of an evidence-based approach to health care. Forward thinking chiropractors understand that the profession was founded on outdated models of care and a shift in treatment approach is needed. By incorporating the best available research, patient preferences and clinical experience, evidence-based chiropractors provide valuable health care services to their communities.

Dr. Zuback will explain her recommendations of care based on the evidence, her clinical experience and your preferences & goals. She not only uses manual therapy, such as manipulation, soft tissue therapy and acupuncture but also insists on the importance of patient education and understanding.

A comprehensive rehab regime tailored to your injury, ability level and goals will also be explained and prescribed. So, whether you’re just trying to live pain free, run a 5k, golf on weekends or training to PR that back squat, Brittany will create and coach you through a program just for you.

You will leave your appointment with peace of mind knowing a thorough plan of management is in place, self management strategies have been discussed, goals have been set and recovery is in sight.

Have Questions? Here's what you can expect from your first visit

Dr Zuback may be treating your back, neck, headache, or other area of pain, but first she needs a complete picture of your health history and current health in order to provide the best possible treatment for you. On your first visit she will take the time to hear about the details of your pain and use a comprehensive exam to help determine the cause of your pain/injury.

Following the first visit, you will receive a comprehensive report of findings, where your questions will be answered and your pain/injury better understood. Dr. Zuback will go over her recommendations of care based on the evidence, her clinical experience and your preferences and goals.

If a condition should be treated by another health care professional, Dr. Zuback will make a referral. Click "learn more" to get a better understanding of what you should expect during your first chiropractic visit.